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Zero fees, Instant, Private Transactions, DeFi, Open Source & Available To All.
circulating supply is ~13m of total 17m. being mined since 2017.

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1152 t1eCq5BK9ugq3evKQwYEGUEAkGkzNWe4xxx 0.08433359 ZER d1fcf... about 1 hour ago
1151 t1JDYVUa2WujmjnnMhfDWHnH3ggriYc5xxx 0.01701000 ZER 5f30f... 1 hours ago
1150 t1V9PeFwFUJagtnhE3ACqHR6ZTddukLbxxx 0.00164703 ZER 3be22... 1 hours ago
1149 t1XY3VXVaqNHewu4LiCbcMAHmWREnTstxxx 0.00472187 ZER 84845... 1 hours ago
1148 t1gpW2t2BRc3hiDo8KA32TSRu2bVM2xCxxx 0.13599468 ZER faf82... 2 hours ago
1147 t1QQQ8QvEGTN6QoPNwdQYSbiKnGMM9Fnxxx 0.07254796 ZER 9b59f... 2 hours ago
1146 t1XY3VXVaqNHewu4LiCbcMAHmWREnTstxxx 0.01644043 ZER f6e60... 2 hours ago
1145 t1VjRsyPTxgaftpoFtvegAfeGghxN6Gjxxx 0.00782148 ZER 75e7c... 3 hours ago
1144 t1RW1g3p2UumMSmHfFhADvUCAACm4BJdxxx 0.00519420 ZER 20b90... 3 hours ago
1143 t1YDEMt1BDUFuTQFyh6cjVcQHDFkFfwqxxx 0.00433741 ZER 40c6f... 4 hours ago