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Zero fees, Instant, Private Transactions, DeFi, Open Source & Available To All.
circulating supply is ~13m of total 17m. being mined since 2017.

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2429 t1JXm9MnXQ8PypZQiK8tR6cRdtR4Mt61xxx 0.03309477 ZER 60fa0... 1 hours ago
2428 t1MD3mtPwbK4mFZumAtdaWyyv1qvZJ5gxxx 0.02117046 ZER 9fe01... 3 hours ago
2427 t1MsLm5ZqAfkVrw9gXMosUFxG3zshRUexxx 0.07459335 ZER 3aadf... 4 hours ago
2426 t1UmH7JWmVsffiLiP8cysYLQN8jdKCrcxxx 0.00486192 ZER 14b2e... 6 hours ago
2425 t1JXm9MnXQ8PypZQiK8tR6cRdtR4Mt61xxx 0.02074125 ZER 5abb1... 9 hours ago
2424 t1dpUudmGwmRuTojWMdW6LYUZSJzjgAYxxx 0.00256899 ZER cf08b... 10 hours ago
2423 t1HtKaL7deDPDFpd1GuxpHLchUstctvCxxx 0.57153600 ZER bf4e5... 10 hours ago
2422 t1UmH7JWmVsffiLiP8cysYLQN8jdKCrcxxx 0.01884000 ZER 75505... 10 hours ago
2421 t1UmH7JWmVsffiLiP8cysYLQN8jdKCrcxxx 0.06209849 ZER e22aa... 11 hours ago
2420 t1XoiMbKvKEjTXo9xQn2RjMzFP8pZY1Bxxx 1.34818064 ZER ba54f... 11 hours ago