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Zero fees, Instant, Private Transactions, DeFi, Open Source & Available To All.
circulating supply is ~13m of total 17m. being mined since 2017.

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Last 10 payment

ID Address Amount TxID Time
2445 t1cZ33NU1bZg7ChrMZX6ABYqNxwjrBXjxxx 0.85264949 ZER 94ff8... 4 minutes ago
2444 t1aXFN2wMgNHrN5zNiEHmRVKBXkdYSynxxx 0.28121130 ZER c6510... 8 minutes ago
2443 t1ZosHSJ7pqzDGeXnUawhBo1DLEAfCj1xxx 0.00939830 ZER 6a1b9... 41 minutes ago
2442 t1T4tg64QSKTfqfHgRUoafNTGpfg96D7xxx 0.06804000 ZER c1840... about 1 hour ago
2441 t1JGuYZ92WcrhH6HWRcrNzip2FRTEbPqxxx 0.11444085 ZER a47b9... 3 hours ago
2440 t1JXm9MnXQ8PypZQiK8tR6cRdtR4Mt61xxx 0.10942780 ZER 6f4b9... 4 hours ago
2439 t1MD3mtPwbK4mFZumAtdaWyyv1qvZJ5gxxx 0.09387991 ZER b8f83... 10 hours ago
2438 t1T4tg64QSKTfqfHgRUoafNTGpfg96D7xxx 0.02916000 ZER 057ca... 11 hours ago
2437 t1b6rE4zGLLQg4b625kCtKWBpnkSksWfxxx 1.63551267 ZER b8ff7... 11 hours ago
2436 t1RCcDK3HSD29sa87aaHjGrdz8YiCosqxxx 0.06913919 ZER 30276... 12 hours ago